Greeniology 2020


Greeniology 2020

Greener living today, and in the future...

This latest book from Tanya Ha is now available from all good bookstores and online retailers.


"Tanya Ha’s green credentials are impeccable; in fact it’s probably fair to call her Australia’s foremost mainstream advocate for the benefits of going green."


"What Ha does particularly well is move from the straightforward kind of green advice to more complex and technical areas while still writing in an accessible, conversational way. Thus, there’s information on the ingredients to avoid in cleaning products, as well as how to make your own; but you’ll also find detailed specifications for different kinds of lights and light fittings; what and how to recycle; the costs and carbon emissions of various hot water systems, cooling systems and heating systems; and environmental ratings for new homes.”


“...this book combines practical tips and Ha's trademark accessible style with scientific rigour." - The Inspired Shopper


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About the book


Do you want to live well, be green and make a difference? If you have a vision to live in better balance with the natural environment, then Greeniology 2020 is a practical guide to changing your lifestyle for a healthier home and healthier planet.


Globally, we're starting to feel the effects of climate change. Locally, petrol, water and energy prices are rising. There's never been a better time to reduce your personal impact in the environment and prepare for the changes we will see as our society transitions towards sustainability. The good news is being green is easier than you think. Greeniology 2020 is a practical, comprehensive and fun guide to sustainable living, with topics covering everything from green cleaning and ecofashion to growing food and saving energy and water.


Award-winning environmentalist and television presenter Tanya Ha provides green living advice, tips and ideas for the beginner and committed tree-hugger alike. They will compel you to change your life, and to be part of the solution to our planet’s problems. Find out how to:


• reduce the impact of your lifestyle on the health of the planet

• make your home more comfortable all year round

• save money on energy and water bills

• go green at work, and

• make your home safer and healthier for your family.





Chapter 1: Becoming future ready

Chapter 2: Healthy home, healthy planet

Chapter 3: Working green

Chapter 4: Green cleaning

Chapter 5: Green wardrobe and linen press

Chapter 6: Green grooming and bathing

Chapter 7: Food

Chapter 8: Waste and recycling

Chapter 9: Energy

Chapter 10: Water

Chapter 11: The green garden

Chapter 12: Green building and renovating

Chapter 13: Getting around

Chapter 14: How to have a green baby



How is Greeniology 2020 different to Greeniology?


Greeniology 2020 is future-focused. The chapter 'Becoming future ready' looks at what we can expect in years to come from both the natural environment and our society. It details how the climate is expected to change in the Australiasian region and how that will be felt locally - for example, more frequent flash flooding in some locations. It also looks at other changes we can expect in coming years, such as petrol and electricity price rises, why they're happening and how we can prepare for them.

• Greeniology 2020 is about taking a strategic approach to household action, based on an understanding of the psychology of behaviour change. It includes information on goal setting and action plans and provides readers with space to write down their ideas and plans.

• Greeniology 2020 has an increased focus on the health aspects of sustainable living.

Greeniology 2020 answers your questions. 'Ask Tanya' questions and answers from the G magazine column of the same name have been included. They're a fun way to see how green living advice can be applied. Questions range from electric hand driers versus paper hand towels at work to the greenest ways to remove body hair!

In the 5 years since the 2nd edition was published, new technologies and better studies of what works and what doesn't have become available, so the information has been updated for Greeniology 2020.

Greeniology was a room-by-room guide to green living at home. In Greeniology 2020 the green living advice is also grouped in topic chapters, such as Energy or Green cleaning, rather than room-by-room.


Greeniology 2020 resources & extras


Hot topics - We ran out of room for this look at what's up with the planet, from Acid Rain to Waste and Water. Click on the link to download this section as a pdf.


Measure, Monitor, Manage tables - Download and fill in the tables to monitor your water, electricity, gas and car use over time.

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